EXTERNAL - [PATCH v1] Add bootchooser command option for active boot target

Ahmad Fatoum a.fatoum at pengutronix.de
Fri Apr 14 05:46:54 PDT 2023

Hello Markus,

On 14.04.23 14:41, Burri Markus LabTec wrote:
> Hello Ahmad
> The Idea is to run some scripts stored in the rootfs before booting the system. In our case e.g we enable led according to customer needs. This is stored in to rootfs where the customer is able to update without update barebox

Once you give your customer the ability to run arbitrary code, they will run
arbitrary code, e.g. apply an overlay to the kernel DT or tune kernel
command line argument. With your init script approach, you could apply
old overlays when booting a new kernel, which can lead to very surprising

> The new command option will store this information in a variable where I can use this information in the init script.
> It sound that a script as bootchooser target will fit my requirement. I didn't know that. I will try

I am not opposed to give these scripts knowledge of what bootchooser target
is executed, see untested patch below. But it should be the boot scripts
that run hooks, not an init script on a subsequent boot.


 common/bootchooser.c | 4 ++++
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+)

diff --git a/common/bootchooser.c b/common/bootchooser.c
index 08d05e885250..3d400af08ef1 100644
--- a/common/bootchooser.c
+++ b/common/bootchooser.c
@@ -827,6 +827,7 @@ static int bootchooser_boot_one(struct bootchooser *bc, int *tryagain)
                goto out;

+       globalvar_add_simple("bootchooser.active", target->name);
        system = basprintf("bootchooser.active=%s", target->name);
        globalvar_add_simple("linux.bootargs.bootchooser", system);
@@ -854,6 +855,7 @@ static int bootchooser_boot_one(struct bootchooser *bc, int *tryagain)
        *tryagain = 1;
        globalvar_set_match("linux.bootargs.bootchooser", NULL);
+       globalvar_set_match("bootchooser.active", NULL);


@@ -976,3 +978,5 @@ BAREBOX_MAGICVAR(global.bootchooser.default_priority,
                 "bootchooser: Default priority for a target");
                 "bootchooser: state name prefix, empty for nv backend");
+                "bootchooser: holds name of active bootchooser target during boot");

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