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Mon Jun 20 07:52:18 PDT 2022

Hello Antony,

On 16.06.22 09:53, Antony Pavlov wrote:
> Hi!
> In 0e885ce81d0e ('RISC-V: dma: support multiple dma_alloc_coherent backends') ,
> (see
> multiple dma_alloc_coherent backends was introduced for RISC-V.
> At the moment MIPS dma_alloc_coherent stuff is messy and I want to rework it.
> I can reuse some parts of 0e885ce81d0e by moving it to the common code.
> Any comments or suggestions?
I have been meaning to clean this dma API stuff up, so I find it very nice
that you are going to do it :)

Currently, we have two ways to influence this:

  - dma_set_ops
  - define static inline helpers in <asm/dma.h> and #define macros, so the generic
    implementation isn't used

As first step, one could clean up the repetition in the <asm/dma.h> files, e.g.
dma_alloc_coherent is nearly identical in a couple of places. Then as next step
we could have (just example names)


     The current !PBL and/or !MMU case


     For those not using dma_set_ops


     For those using dma_set_ops

This should allows us to get rid of the macros and then each arch could just
select the appropriate symbol.

What do you think?



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