[PATCH 07/13] watchdog: kvx: do not disable watchdog on probe

Jules Maselbas jmaselbas at kalray.eu
Fri Jan 14 08:52:06 PST 2022

From: Louis Morhet <lmorhet at kalray.eu>

As the watchdog may be set by a lower stage in the boot chain, and for
a good reason (precisely to ensure reliable update when something
unexpected happens during the boot chain), it is a bad idea to always
disable it during probe.

We should either have a mechanism to refresh it on a regular basis in
barebox itself and set it to something bigger for Linux, or handle it
transparently and let the previous stage set the global watchdog up to
Linux. This patch assumes for now the latter.

Signed-off-by: Louis Morhet <lmorhet at kalray.eu>
Signed-off-by: Jules Maselbas <jmaselbas at kalray.eu>
 drivers/watchdog/kvx_wdt.c | 4 +---
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/watchdog/kvx_wdt.c b/drivers/watchdog/kvx_wdt.c
index da19136fda..df9430769b 100644
--- a/drivers/watchdog/kvx_wdt.c
+++ b/drivers/watchdog/kvx_wdt.c
@@ -73,11 +73,9 @@ static int kvx_wdt_drv_probe(struct device_d *dev)
 	wdd->hwdev = dev;
 	wdd->set_timeout = kvx_wdt_set_timeout;
-	/* Be sure that interrupt are disable */
+	/* Be sure that interrupt are disabled */
 	kvx_sfr_set_field(TCR, WIE, 0);
-	kvx_watchdog_disable();
 	return watchdog_register(wdd);

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