barebox extending boot-scripts

Frank Wunderlich frank-w at
Wed Jan 5 07:20:43 PST 2022


i'm making my first steps and try to add more boot-scripts (to land in /env/boot)

i added a scipt in


and set

DEFAULT_ENVIRONMENT_PATH [=arch/arm/boards/rockchip-rk3568-evb/defaultenv]

but if i boot the board /env/boot only contains the 2 default scripts

barebox at Rockchip RK3568 EVB:/ ls /env/boot/
bnet    net

so maybe the dir/config-option i used is for defining variables only right? should this point to an directory or a file?

i see this file which looks like the source of it


I've put them there and they appear, but this is not board specific, so if i later want to upstream one this is maybe not the right place.


seems to be a menu entry, but have not yet figured out how i can define one to add my scripts too

have not found anything for it in the documentation yet

btw. is there a way to use ls with wildcard without printing the path?

ls /mnt/sd.1/extlinux/
Image_5.16            Image_5.16-next.gz    Image_5.16.gz

ls /mnt/sd.1/extlinux/Image*

i want to list only files matching Image*, but without path....number of columns does not matter

regards Frank

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