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Wed Jan 5 04:08:24 PST 2022

Hello Frank,

On 04.01.22 09:39, Frank Wunderlich wrote:
> Hi,
> i have a prototype rk3568 board (bpi-r2-pro).
> is it possible to flash only barebox instead of uboot? in documentation i found only "creating SD-card", but i dont want to break existing partitions.
> says it starts from sector 32, my first block for uboot (idblock.bin=spl+raminit) starts at 64, full uboot in partition at 8M.

You probably figured it out by now, but the discrepancy is likely due to differing
block sizes. barebox documentation has `dd bs=1024`, while the default is 512.
boot firmware is a single chunk with barebox, so no separate second stage bootloader

> As it differs a bit from evb can i add new dts like in uboot?

You can check out the commit adding the EVB or the Pine64 Quartz64:
8d14f8e898b4 ("arm: rockchip: add support for the quartz64 board")

Feel free to send patches for your board along the same lines. :)


> regards Frank
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