[PATCH 00/24] ARM: stm32mp: add trusted bootchain (SCMI&FIP) support

Sascha Hauer sha at pengutronix.de
Wed Feb 23 02:57:01 PST 2022

On Sun, Feb 20, 2022 at 01:47:12PM +0100, Ahmad Fatoum wrote:
> ST calls trusted firmware + SCMI for accessing some secure resources the
> trusted boot chain (as opposed to the basic bootchain). This is
> independent of cryptographically secured boot. So far, barebox generated
> images with a STM32 header prepended, which could be booted after
> upstream TF-A. This extends barebox to generate an extra image suitable
> for inclusion in A TF-A Firmware Image Package and teaches barebox to
> support firmware clocks and resets provided by TF-A over secure monitor
> calls. There are no upstream DTs yet with SCMI and intention seems to be
> to have boot firmware fix up the nodes. The SCMI changes here have been
> tested by taking OpenSTLinux with its downstream TF-A, U-Boot, OP-TEE
> and Linux components and just replacing U-Boot with barebox via fiptool
> update.
> Cheers,
> Ahmad Fatoum (24):
>   PBL: fdt: factor reg property parsing into helper
>   pinctrl: stm32: use gpio-ranges instead of alias
>   ARM: stm32mp: simplify with build_stm32mp_image macro
>   ARM: stm32mp: change stm32image extension to .stm32
>   filetype: detect TF-A Firmware Image Packages (FIP)
>   scripts: add tool to adjust bl33 load address in existing FIP
>   ARM: stm32mp: build extra barebox-stm32mp-generic-bl33.img
>   ARM: stm32mp: ddrctrl: fix wrong register field widths
>   reset: stm32: drop stm32mp1_reset_ops indirection
>   reset: move stm32 reset code to drivers/power/reset
>   ARM: smccc: sync header with upstream
>   firmware: import Linux v5.13 SCMI support
>   reset: add SCMI support
>   clk: add SCMI clock driver
>   regulator: add SCMI regulator driver
>   clk: accept const arguments in clk_to_clk_hw/clk_hw_to_clk
>   serial: stm32: bail if clock_get_rate returns zero
>   clk: implement of_clk_hw_{onecell,simple}_get
>   clk: implement clk_hw_reparent
>   reset: add support for reset_control_status
>   clk: stm32mp1: sync with Linux v5.17-rc1
>   regulator: core: fall back to node name if no regulator-name property
>   ARM: dts: stm32mp: remove regulator-name override in stm32mp151.dtsi
>   ARM: stm32mp: enable more config options

Applied, thanks


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