at91 sama5d3 "regressions"

Peter Rosin peda at
Wed Sep 22 00:41:29 PDT 2021


On 2021-09-22 09:06, Ahmad Fatoum wrote:
> On 19.09.21 08:32, Peter Rosin wrote:
>> However, the above also means that the quotes around the
>> "regressions" word in the subject can be removed. The problems
>> are squarely in the upstream code base, and I do need fixes
>> for region overlap, eXecute Never and RO_DATA_SECTION.
> I am interested in understanding how that breakage came about.
> I have a sama5d3_xplained here with NAND, which I will try to
> find some time to reproduce this on.
> For your immediate issue: I'd like to use the occasion to get
> all sama5d3 to probe from device tree. We already have one
> sama5d3 DT-enabled board upstream (microchip-ksz9477-evb) and
> I just CC'd you on a series to migrate the sama5d3_xplained
> from legacy board code to DT. I tested this boots correctly
> after at91bootstrap from NAND without your series here.
> The relevant defconfig is at91_multi_defconfig. It will generate
> a barebox-sama5d3-xplained.img, which should boot to shell
> on your board.
> If that works, we could create a new barebox-sama5d3xek.img image
> that does the same as barebox-sama5d3-xplained.img, but with
> different device tree and see if all peripherals you use
> still work.
> With everything nice and dandy, we could finally remove non-DT
> code for sama5d3 altogether and your board would reuse the same
> early bootstrap code basically all other platforms use and test.
> Sounds good?

That sounds like the right way to fix things. Thanks!


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