New RISCV board (cartesi-machine)

Ahmad Fatoum a.fatoum at
Thu Sep 16 14:21:44 PDT 2021

Hi Marcelo,

On 16.09.21 20:01, Marcelo Politzer wrote:
>> Like this? :-)
> That is cool!


>>> OK, I'll clean this up and send it as two patches:
>>> - serial_sbi
>>> - cartesi (board)
>> Sounds good.
> Patches attached, please review at your convenience.

Please resend without attachment if possible (e.g. with git send-email).
This makes it easier to review.

Some comments:

- Signed-off-by is required, just as with Linux. See
- A short commit message would be nice
- BOARD_CARTESI should depend on SOC_VIRT for uniformity with other boards
- Can you change device tree compatible? Generic boards should remain generic
  and not contain vendor-specific stuff.
- Please add your new Kconfig options to virt64_defconfig. That way you can build
  and use the same image for all Virt-based boards (You can still use a different
  config in your BSP of course)

Serial driver:

- remove DEBUG defines
- depends on RISCV (otherwise there is no <asm/sbi.h>)
- You don't need to implement flush and setbrg
- ucb,htif0 is an unrelated device, but there is no device tree
  node, you can bind to. You can register a device in sbi_init
  and match against that. See riscv-timer for an example
- I don't understand the point of the ring buffer. A command would
  be nice (e.g. This is needed, because SBI lacks a FIFO or such)
- to_priv unused


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