barebox environment early loading

Dusan Radic dusrad at
Thu Sep 9 04:58:28 PDT 2021

Hello there,

is there a possibility  to read an environment variable as soon as in
To be more accurate, before the frame buffer is initalised I need set
the bus_format manually and the correct value is stored in a non
volatile environment variable.
I have tried the following

const char* value;

value = getenv("nv.dataval");

However the result is always NULL.

If I try the same somewhere in board.c then I get the correct value,
but that ist too late to configure the frame buffer.

Has anyone managed to read the environment early, and if yes how? Do I
have to somehow manually load the environment path?  I have tried this
default_environment_path_set(default_environment_path); but it doesn't
seem to work.

I am using barebox 2017.12.0

Help would be appreciated.
Best regards,

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