Sascha Hauer sha at pengutronix.de
Wed Oct 6 23:56:45 PDT 2021

Hi All,

barebox-2021.10.0 is out. This is a small bugfix release only, no new
features are merged. As you might have noticed there is no September
release. I was on parental leave for the last three month and so I only
occasionally looked at the project. I am back now; patches should be
handled in a timely manner again and the next release will contain the
patches that have queued up so far.

Have fun!


Ahmad Fatoum (11):
      Documentation: reboot-mode: add note about /env/bmode
      power: reset: nvmem-reboot-mode: disable device tree fixup
      startup: don't read glob_t if glob("/env/init/*") fails
      common: menutree: prevent read of uninitialized memory in error path
      fs: fat: pbl: support >32M alignment for first partition
      ARM: at91: at91sam9263ek: add device tree check for board code
      virtio: implement remove callbacks
      RISC-V: board-dt-2nd: move low level init into nonnaked function
      base: driver: fix double removal of child devices
      blspec: fix use-after-free of firmware search path
      of: overlay: don't do fixups on empty global.of.overlay.dir

Daniel Brát (1):
      video: Fix broken bcm2835 fb driver

Jules Maselbas (2):
      pbl/Kconfig: fix typo "inflluences" -> "influences"
      Documentation: Typo fix in command example

Sascha Hauer (1):
      Release v2021.10.0

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