[PATCH 2/5] ARM: configs: phytec-som-imx6.config

Andrej Picej andrej.picej at norik.com
Wed Nov 17 02:08:47 PST 2021

Hi Stefan,

I was waiting for your insight.

> You're right, there should be no issue with the BLSPEC config.
> Regarding the IPU driver, I only remember that we had an issue some time ago
> with the IPU driver and since then disable it because we don't make use of it
> in our BSP. But I can't remember what the actual issue was.
> @Andrej, maybe you can take another look at it and see if it can be enabled
> without issues on our boards nowadays. In that case we could drop disabling
> the IPU driver as well.
>>>       - enable of_fixup_status command,
>>>       - enable of_overlay command,
>>>       - enable of_display_timings command and
>>>       - enable OCOTP fuse writing ability.
>> We can enable these in imx_v7_defconfig, no need to overwrite them.
> Sure let's move them to the defconfig then.

This would be the nicest yes. I will check if IPU driver can be left 
enabled, and create a new patch (for imx_v7_defconfig) if this is the case.

Thanks to both of you.


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