[PATCH 2/5] ARM: configs: phytec-som-imx6.config

Stefan Riedmüller S.Riedmueller at phytec.de
Wed Nov 17 01:59:41 PST 2021

Hi Sascha,

On Wed, 2021-11-17 at 08:03 +0100, Sascha Hauer wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 15, 2021 at 02:02:05PM +0100, Andrej Picej wrote:
> > Create PHYTEC specific i.MX6 SoM config fragment, which is intended to
> > be merged with the default imx_v7_defconfig. This way, one can clearly
> > outline the differences between standard defconfig and changes PHYTEC
> > makes for i.MX6 SoMs in their BSP. Nonetheless, at the same time, this
> > minimizes efforts required to port patches to defconfig with each new
> > PHYTEC BSP release.
> > 
> > For now:
> >      - disable BLSPEC,
> >      - disable IPU driver,
> Why are these disabled? These options shouldn't hurt anyone.

You're right, there should be no issue with the BLSPEC config. 

Regarding the IPU driver, I only remember that we had an issue some time ago
with the IPU driver and since then disable it because we don't make use of it
in our BSP. But I can't remember what the actual issue was.

@Andrej, maybe you can take another look at it and see if it can be enabled
without issues on our boards nowadays. In that case we could drop disabling
the IPU driver as well.

> >      - enable of_fixup_status command,
> >      - enable of_overlay command,
> >      - enable of_display_timings command and
> >      - enable OCOTP fuse writing ability.
> We can enable these in imx_v7_defconfig, no need to overwrite them.

Sure let's move them to the defconfig then.


> Sascha

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