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Mon May 31 10:10:32 PDT 2021

On 23.03.21 16:47, Ahmad Fatoum wrote:
> Hello Renaud,
> On 23.03.21 15:44, Barbier, Renaud wrote:
>>>> Could it it be related to  how our toolchain got build?
>>> Just ran into the same issue. Cause is as Roland describes the lack of --sysroot
>>> as default and that it comes in via $CC, which Kbuild doesn't expect.
>>> I guess this would break building kernel host tools too or how do they solve it?
>>>> Not working either:
>>>>  [renaud at ediowsrv01]$ make tools/leds
>>>>   DESCEND  leds
>>>> arm-oe-linux-gnueabi-gcc -Wall -Wextra -g -I../../include/uapi -o uledmon uledmon.c
>>>> uledmon.c:14:10: fatal error: fcntl.h: No such file or directory
>>>>    14 | #include <fcntl.h>
>>>>       |          ^~~~~~~~~
> Thanks for trying it out. Well, this is a general incompatibility of the SDK's environment
> setup script with Kbuild then. I am wondering why they decided on not having a default
> --sysroot. Raising the issue upstream could shed some light on this and perhaps result
> in a fix. I don't think there is anything to fix here at the barebox side.
> FTR: we use meta-ptx extensively and AFAIK we haven't run into this issue. It only
> popped up when using the SDK build, so bitbake seems to do the right thing in that case.

FTR: There's a pending meta-ptx fix here:

The solution for now seems to be to:

export userccflags="${TARGETCFLAGS}"

It's yet unclear whether userccflags is meant to be used this way, but it works
for barebox.


> Cheers,
> Ahmad

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