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Sascha Hauer sha at
Wed May 26 23:48:37 PDT 2021

Hi Renaud,

On Wed, May 26, 2021 at 12:53:55PM +0000, Barbier, Renaud wrote:
> Question on the UBIFS support
> Is barebox doing the full bad block management?
> i.e before booting the system to the Linux prompt, will barebox fix bad blocks?
> I am asking this question because some customers may want to boot a
> initramfs image from NAND. In this case Linux will not mount the NAND
> to do the bad block fixing.

Bad block management is done in UBI, not UBIFS. The UBI code is derived
from Linux and is expected to do the same job. This includes checking
the amount of bitflips and rewriting the data on a fresh block if the
number of bitflips exceeds a certain threshold. Suspicious blocks are
tortured with r/w cycles to see if they are bad and the blocks are
marked as bad when they are.

However, are you saying the whole NAND is readonly most of the time?
Aren't there any other partitions?


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