[PATCH v3] ARM: webasto-ccbv2: Add variant with 512MB RAM

Sascha Hauer sha at pengutronix.de
Mon May 24 22:46:15 PDT 2021

On Tue, May 18, 2021 at 01:33:43PM +0200, Ahmad Fatoum wrote:
> On 18.05.21 12:57, Holger Assmann wrote:
> > -$(call build_imx_habv4img, CONFIG_MACH_WEBASTO_CCBV2, start_imx6ul_ccbv2, webasto-ccbv2/flash-header-imx6ul-webasto-ccbv2, imx6ul-webasto-ccbv2)
> > +$(call build_imx_habv4img, CONFIG_MACH_WEBASTO_CCBV2, start_imx6ul_ccbv2, webasto-ccbv2/flash-header-imx6ul-webasto-ccbv2-256, imx6ul-webasto-ccbv2-256m)
> > +
> > +$(call build_imx_habv4img, CONFIG_MACH_WEBASTO_CCBV2, start_imx6ul_ccbv2, webasto-ccbv2/flash-header-imx6ul-webasto-ccbv2-512, imx6ul-webasto-ccbv2-512m)
> I think this is the first board that uses the exact same entry point, but different
> *.imxcfg. I built the patch to see if this actually does what it should and it
> doesn't seem to be the case: both images/barebox-imx6ul-webasto-ccbv2-256m.img
> and images/barebox-imx6ul-webasto-ccbv2-512m.img are identical..

This happens because we intermediately create the file
images/start_imx6ul_ccbv2.pblb.imximg. We would have to create two
different imx images, one for each config file. This doesn't fit into
the build process currently, so let's go with v4 holger has sent.

We could add IMD tags for the memsize like Phytec has done:

BAREBOX_IMD_TAG_STRING(physom_mx6_memsize_SZ_256M, IMD_TYPE_PARAMETER, "memsize=256", 0);

That would at least otherwise justify that we need different entry
points ;)


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