configuring state framework for x86/EFI

Laszlo Sitzer laszlo.sitzer at
Wed May 19 02:47:18 PDT 2021


I have a x86/EFI system with barebox running (without state framework).
I noticed using the nv command persists values but I can't seem to
understand where these physically get stored. Is there a way I could
determine that?

I  would like to use the state framework (in order to be able to use
barebox-state to reset bootchooser counters). In order to do so I have
to write my state.dts, but I don't know which backend to choose in
order to use the same location as nv used before.

I am not asking to use nv and state at the same time but rather have
state framework use the location that nv used. Does that make sense?

Best, Lazlo

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