NXP Layerscape

Barbier, Renaud renaud.barbier at abaco.com
Thu Jun 10 06:49:03 PDT 2021

I received a NXP  LS1046A-RDB

I built barebox for the LS1046A and got the image barebox-ls1046ardb-qspi.image.
I programmed the image in the alternative SPI bank as per NXP instructions:
=>	tftp $load_addr
=>	sf erase 0 +$filesize && sf write $load_addr 0 $filesize

Barebox does not boot.

I did notice that u-boot is at address 0x40100000 while the RCW is at 0x40000000.
My understanding is that barebox is one image and shall be programmed at offset 0 of the SPI (0x40000000)

At present I cannot connect my I.C.E. due a pin stuck in my MIPI connector.

Any return on experience is welcome.


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