[PATCH 2/4] gpiolib: Add code to support "active low" GPIOs

Nikita Yushchenko nikita.yoush at cogentembedded.com
Wed May 24 23:36:09 PDT 2017

> IMHO, whether any of likes it or not, OF_GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW is an
> existing feature and the only technical question is if it should be
> supported by Barebox on per-driver basis or if there should be a
> central API for it.
> Sascha, are you still OK with me proceeding with making and using an
> API, or should I just scrap that and handle this as a part of my
> "usb-no-xcev"?

Is support for case when this usb-no-xcev's gpio is active high needed?

If yes, then your questions above are valid.

If no, then there is third option, completely ignore this aspect of
device tree and just assume that gpio is active low.

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