USB ohci on sama5d3

Georg Hofmann georg.hofmann at
Wed May 17 02:44:24 PDT 2017


First of all, thanks for barebox, it's really a nice tool which I am

I am trying to get USB ohci working on a sama5D3 evk. My current state
is that the ohci driver get compiled and is called when I use the
command usb, the root hub shows up, but the device enumeration don't work.

So my question was: is the presence of the file ohci-at91.C indicating
that ohci should work on some at91* platforms or is it just a copy/past
from another place. If it should work, on which platform? In the may
release are some USB patched (e.g.: "Allow USB_OHCI_AT91 even if
USB_OHCI is disabled"). Where these patches runtime tested?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,

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