Zyxel NAS540 bricked?

Sascha Hauer s.hauer at pengutronix.de
Mon Feb 27 23:29:53 PST 2017

Hi Andrew,

On Mon, Feb 27, 2017 at 05:03:57AM -0500, AndrewCz wrote:
> Hello all, hope you are well.
> Recently, I followed a guide[1] to reflash my Zyxel NAS540[2] in order
> to put Debian on it. I'm pretty sure I bricked it and am just looking
> for confirmation.
> I seem to be running into a bootloop where it will restart every two
> minutes or so. At least that is what seems to be indicated based on the
> frequency of the front panel lights lighting up. I reflashed the 'env'
> and 'kernel2' sections of the NOR flash, but neither went the right way.
> I can dive into the specifics if necessary. However, my concern is that
> I was unable to receive any output from the serial connection.
> Given that the barebox 'env' may be corrupt as well as the kernel, is it
> correct to expect that there would be no serial output? Thanks for your
> consideration in this matter.

The Zyxel NAS540 seems to have a Freescale QorIQ LS1024A SoC. There is
no mainline barebox support for this SoC, so Zyxel must have created
their own patches. I know nothing about these patches nor about the SoC,
so I'm sorry I can't really help you.
What I can say is that normally barebox outputs stuff out of the console
even without valid environment or kernel. That is configurable though,
so I can't tell for sure.


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