problems with ext4

Oleksij Rempel linux at
Wed Feb 15 05:39:02 PST 2017

Am 15.02.2017 um 13:31 schrieb Holger Schurig:
> For what it's worth, my kernel is also in an ext4 partition (on an
> SDCARD or eMMC).
> I format them with "mkfs.ext4 -q -F -D -j /dev/XXXX"
> Inside the partition, I use /boot/vmlinuz as a symlink to the real file
> which is in the same directory.
> I'm however on an older version of barebox, 2016.07.0

I reformatted boot partition back to ext4. Now the problem is reproducible.
Partition image can be found here

Decompressed it should be:
md5sum 2f3474d39f1d7893e310b55ea57d87bd

the /boot/dtb symlink can't be resolved by barebox. And /boot/dtbs
folder is broken.


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