Re: errors copying UBI volumes

Alexander Shiyan shc_work at
Wed Sep 14 09:36:46 PDT 2016

>Среда, 14 сентября 2016, 18:52 +03:00 от iw3gtf at
>I'm working on an embedded board with an iMX25 arm CPU and a nand flash.
>The board runs a linux kernel/userland.
>When the user updates the firmware, the running userland/kernel creates some
>new ubi volumes on the nand, let's say 'kernel_next' and 'userland_next'.
>On the next system reboot barebox looks if it finds, lets say, the 'kernel_next' volume
>and, in this case, it removes the old one ('kernel'), creates a new, empty one ('kernel'),
>copies 'kernel_next' to the just created 'kernel' and finally removes the 'kernel_next'
>to complete the update.

My comment is not related to this error,
but you may need to consider using ubiupdatevol command.


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