am335x questions

Yegor Yefremov yegorslists at
Thu May 26 06:41:46 PDT 2016

I'm porting an am335x based board. We have systems either with 256MB
or 512MB RAM. Currently I'm using following code:

ENTRY_FUNCTION(start_am33xx_baltos_sdram, r0, r1, r2)
        uint32_t sdram_size;
        void *fdt;

        sdram_size = SZ_256M;
        fdt = __dtb_am335x_baltos_minimal_start;

        fdt -= get_runtime_offset();

        barebox_arm_entry(0x80000000, sdram_size, fdt);

This way I always have 256MB "detected" regardless of the used
hardware. Is it possible to let Barebox autodetect RAM size like it is
done in U-Boot?

Another question concerns booting medium. Whether I start from NAND or
MMC I always want to be able to boot from MMC too. Now, if I boot
Barebox from NAND I can see following in devinfo output:

 `-- 48060000.mmc
         `-- mmc0

How can I make system enumerate MMC partition, so that I can mount
them? "detect mmc0" doesn't help.

When booting completely from MMC, mmco will be enumerated.


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