[PATCH] mtd: nand_mxs: fix NAND error when change clk rate

Sam Ravnborg sam at ravnborg.org
Thu Dec 22 09:55:14 PST 2016

Hi Christian,

thanks for the quick reply.

> >Can you give any hints that makes it simpler to verify your fix or anything?
> To reproduce the issue and test the fix I reseted the board in a loop.
> For this I added 'reset' to /env/bin/init. With 'reset" in /env/bin/init I
> saw the issue after 1 - 2 Minutes.
> Also I have done 1000 power cuts and resets without any error in our
> test rack.
> power cut:
> 1. start barebox to prompt
> 2. power cut
> soft reset:
> 1. start barebox to prompt
> 2. reset

We have deployed an updated barebox in our test setup that do
all our ON/OFF testing.
A quick grep from the serial logs shows that we have seen this
error message much more often than I originally anticipated.
So I expect to have feedback already tomorrow.

>From your information I am quite positive.


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