[RFC] [GIT] Update support for RK3188 (Radxa Rock board).

Sascha Hauer s.hauer at pengutronix.de
Sun Mar 1 22:30:30 PST 2015

Hi Andrey,

On Sun, Mar 01, 2015 at 04:20:58PM +0300, Панов Андрей wrote:
> Hello!
> Here is a big changeset for RK3188 arch and Radxa Rock board.
> It brings support for updated DTS and booting from SD card as first-stage loader.
> DRAM setting blob from RK is required to boot (but this is unrelated to barebox).
> It lacks some unknown (for me) and requred initializations, so:
> 3.0 kernel from radxa repo boots fine. Mainline kernel gets a race in about 50%, and in another 50% works.
> It is disgusting, since I'd just wanted to try a newer kernel with this board.
> For not to spamming a ML with a long patches, it can be pulled from git tree:
> https://github.com/apxii/barebox/tree/rk/2up

Nice work! I had a quick view over some of the patches, they look fine at first
view. You should send them to the list for better review. People reading
opensource mailing list are normally used to ignore big amounts of mail

> (based on next branch)
> Little howto:
> 1. Prepare SD card with bootfs and rootfs as usually.
> 2. Compile barebox
>    make ARCH=arm radxa_rock_defconfig
>    make ARCH=arm
> 3. Checkout and compile https://github.com/apxii/rkboottools
> 4. Get some RK3188 bootloader from https://github.com/neo-technologies/rockchip-bootloader
> 5. Run "rk-splitboot RK3188Loader(L)_V2.13.bin" command. (for example)
>    You will get "FlashData" file with others.
>    Otherwise it can be borrowed from RK U-boot sources from https://github.com/linux-rockchip/u-boot-rockchip/blob/u-boot-rk3188/tools/rk_tools/3188_LPDDR2_300MHz_DDR3_300MHz_20130830.bin
> 6. Run "rk-makebootable FlashData barebox-radxa-rock.bin rrboot.bin"
> 7. Insert SD card and run "dd if=rrboot.bin of=</dev/sdcard> bs=$((0x200)) seek=$((0x40))"
> 8. Boot from SD card

It would be nice to have that somewhere in


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