[RFC v2 00/16] barebox picotcp integration (2015.07.19)

Sascha Hauer s.hauer at pengutronix.de
Mon Jul 20 00:10:13 PDT 2015

Hi Antony,

On Sun, Jul 19, 2015 at 11:07:07PM +0300, Antony Pavlov wrote:
> I have just published latest picotcp-enabled barebox.
> Please see my 20150719.picotcp branch in my github barebox repo
> (https://github.com/frantony/barebox/tree/20150719.picotcp).
> This version is based on the latest barebox-next and picotcp v1.5.0
> (there is also picotcp v1.5.1, but is has no interested
> for barebox changes since v1.5.0).
> Changes since 2015.07.15 (see http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/barebox/2015-June/024174.html):
>     * net: UDP API changed to satisfy the picotcp integration needs;
>     * nfs, tftp and dns subsystems have no picotcp-related stuff anymore.
>     * netconsole works on top of picotcp with no additional changes.
> Here are some notes:
>   1. just now tftp/nfs file transfer on top of picotcp is slower than
>      the same transfer on top of legacy network stack;
>   2. there is no $<current network interface> anymore,
>      so dhcp, tftp and ifup commands don't work on top of picotcp.
>      The ifconfig command is used for network interfaces setup.
>      N.B. There is an old patch for dhcp support on top of picotcp
>         https://github.com/frantony/barebox/commit/94021b6d7bb933cd50b7ea9e2c55725b5c404205
>   3. The picoping command is used insted of traditional ping command.

First of all I applied patches 1-4 to next.

I can't get this version to work. I have done:

# eth0.ethaddr=00:04:9f:01:b5:37
# eth0.ipaddr=
# eth0.netmask=
# mount -t tftp /mnt/
# cp mnt/b b
T T T T could not open mnt/b: Interrupted system call
# picoping
 ---- Ping timeout!!!
PING 1 to Error 1
picoping: I/O error

Anything I have missed?

I noticed that the MAC address is no longer set and the stack no longer
checks for a link. I believe picotcp should call eth_send rather than
invoking eth->send directly.


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