[PATCHv2 00/16] EFI updates

Sascha Hauer s.hauer at pengutronix.de
Sun Jul 19 22:26:57 PDT 2015

On Fri, Jul 17, 2015 at 09:22:33PM +0200, Michael Olbrich wrote:
> Hi,
> I've added a patch for xasprintf() and one to add xfuncs for the relevant
> wchar functions. I've replaced all occurrences in the EFI code but I'm not
> confident enough to do this elsewhere without being able to test it.
> And I've added some patches to save the environment in an EFI variable.
> Michael Olbrich (16):
>   xfuncs: add xasprintf() and xvasprintf()
>   xfuncs: add wrapper for wchar strdup functions
>   efi: improve malloc pool allocation
>   efi: refactor & improve application loading code
>   efi: add support for initrd loading
>   efi: add helper to get the GPT partition UUID for a device
>   efi: export device_path_from_handle()
>   efi: add helper functions to write EFI variables
>   efi: write volatile EFI variables used by systemd
>   efi: use xasprintf() when appropriate
>   efi: use xstrdup_* when appropriate
>   fs: efi: use xstrdup_* when appropriate
>   fs: efivars: use xstrdup_* when appropriate
>   fs: efivars: add more error checking
>   fs: efivars: read the attributes on the second get_variable()
>   efi: use an EFI variable to save the environment

Applied, thanks


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