[PATCH 0/4] exitcall infrastructure

Herve Codina herve.CODINA at celad.com
Mon Jul 6 05:19:48 PDT 2015

Le 06/07/2015 13:52, Sascha Hauer a écrit :
> On Mon, Jul 06, 2015 at 09:36:42AM +0200, Herve Codina wrote:
>> This series adds shutdown hooks mechanism.
>> The mechanism chosen is based on initcall infrastructure and so the name
>> given is exitcall.
>> The first patch implement the exitcall infrastructure.
>> The other patches move old shutdown functions to this new infrastructure.
>> Herve Codina (4):
>>   exitcall: Add exitcall infrastructure
>>   exitcall: move device_shutdown to exitcall infrastructure
>>   exitcall: move arch_shutdown to exitcall infrastructure
>>   exitcall: move board_shutdown to exitcall infrastructure
> Applied, thanks. Please watch out for trailing whitespaces next time. I
> removed several while applying.
Oups, i am sorry for this additional work.
I will be more carefull about whitespaces.

> Sascha

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