Booting Linux on Altera's socfpga

Andrey Smirnov andrew.smirnov at
Mon Apr 20 05:41:34 PDT 2015

>> 2. Boot into barebox
>> 3. cp /boot/soc_system.rbf /dev/socfpga-fpga (This step initially
>> didn't work for me, so I had to make a change to the firmware driver
> This is interesting, because all rbf's I generated myself worked fine.
> I wonder why this is different...

My guess is that all of the .rbfs you generated had their length be
multiple of 4

>> After the last step I and barebox jumps to the kernel code I don't see
>> any output on the serial at all.
> Wild guess: does the Rocketboards kernel define "CONFIG_VMSPLIT_2G=y"?
> It is possible, that this produces errors when you use barebox.

You wild guess was spot on, thank you! It was indeed the reason and as
soon as I recompiled a Rocketboards kernel without that option
everything started to work just fine.


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