Problems with pyhBoard-Wega-AM335x

Frede Florian florian.frede at
Tue Jul 8 02:29:41 PDT 2014

Hello Rolf,
Hello Sascha,

I tried your hints... but I don't get the prompt ">" after a while my 
Desktop-PC say that a Ethernet connection is established thats all I can 
not ping or connect to the pyhBoard-Wega-AM335x. But nothing is 
transmitted on the Evaluation Board (PEB-EVAL-01). Do I need some 
patches or something else?

Sorry but I have no idea which information I can send you to help me 
with my problem...

Thanks again


Am 07.07.2014 14:29, schrieb Rolf Evers-Fischer:
> Hello Florian,
>> Sascha Hauer <s.hauer at> hat am 7. Juli 2014 um 14:00
>> geschrieben:
>> On Mon, Jul 07, 2014 at 01:14:35PM +0200, Frede Florian wrote:
>>> Hello Rolf,
>>> thank you very much...
>>> after I selected the mentioned entry in the menu the problem was solved...
>>> but the board do not prompt any thing on the UART1... so I do not
>>> know if barebox is loaded
>> When using mainline barebox please build the am335x_mlo_defconfig for
>> the MLO and the am335x_defconfig for the main binary. The images
>> are then found under:
>> images/barebox-am33xx-phytec-phycore-mlo.img
>> images/barebox-am33xx-phytec-phycore.img
>> I diffed you config against the mainline config and the following
>> options are really crucial to let the binary work correctly:
>> +CONFIG_TEXT_BASE=0x402F0400
>> +CONFIG_MALLOC_SIZE=0x1000000
> in fact, these settings are essential.
> If you still can't see anything, you can also enable the config item "Debugging"
> -> "low level debug messages". With this option enabled, you should at least see
> a '>' on UART1 right after power-on. This character will be output at the end of
> function pcm051_board_init().
> If you like to debug the further startup, you could also enable the "Debugging"
> -> "Trace initcalls" option in barebox_mlo config.
> Best regards,
>   Rolf

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