[PATCH 4/5] ppc: DA923RC: add board support

Renaud Barbier renaud.barbier at ge.com
Fri Nov 1 11:03:42 EDT 2013

On 01/11/2013 13:02, Renaud Barbier wrote:
>>> Yes, You would have to have your i2c bus registered. Can't you move the
>>> >> above to late_initcall?
>>> >>
>>> >> Sascha
>>> >>
>> > 
>> > I just did the following experiment:
>> > Move the code to device_initcall after the I2C registration and use the
>> > I2C API. Using the I2C API worked. However, when booting the board model
>> > is a NULL strings.
>> > 
>> > So next I will check whether I can register the I2C device either in the
>> > postcore_initcall or when doing the console_initcall.
>> > 
>> > Renaud.

I found a way to do it. This implies to:
- register the i2c-imx driver at the postcore initcall level.
- register the board i2c bus at the postcore initcall level
  and perform the rest of the board initialization.

The i2c-imx driver is shared between architectures. If you do not
foresee any side-effects on the ARM architecture and this is acceptable
to you, I would like to submit a patch including this solution.

Otherwise, I would prefer to keep the current implementation.


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