[PATCH 0/3] MIPS: pbl: add nmon MIPS nano-monitor

Antony Pavlov antonynpavlov at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 15:10:09 EDT 2013

nmon is a tiny monitor (<1200 bytes) program
for the MIPS processors.
It can operate with NO working RAM at all!
It uses only the processor registers and NS16550-compatible
UART port for operation, so it can be used for a memory
controller setup code debugging.

With no changes nmon should work on different MIPS
processors as it uses only common MIPS-I instructions.

[PATCH 1/3] MIPS: pbl: add nmon MIPS nano-monitor
[PATCH 2/3] MIPS: qemu-malta: rework debug_ll.h
[PATCH 3/3] MIPS: qemu-malta: add nmon

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