[PATCH 1/2] omap-fb: add driver

Christoph Fritz chf.fritz at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 24 09:32:30 EDT 2013

On Wed, 2013-06-19 at 11:33 +0200, Christoph Fritz wrote:
> This patch adds omap display controller support. Currently only
> OMAP4 DSS is supported.

Any objections here?

These are the changes in the review-process so far:

changes since v2:
        - use dev_request_mem_region_by_name()
changes since v3:
        - remove register struct
        - use uncached screen_base
changes since v4:
        - remove useless dev_add_param()
        - use wait_on_timeout() instead while-deadlock
changes since v5:
        - use dev_dbg() and dev_err(), be less verbose
        - fix coding-style issues
        - add omap4fb_find_display_by_name()
        - add additional read/write macros
changes since v6:
	- split driver into two commits
	- rename driver to "omap-fb"

  -- Christoph

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