[PATCH v6] omap4-fb: add driver

Tomi Valkeinen tomi.valkeinen at ti.com
Tue Jun 18 03:41:29 EDT 2013


On 17/06/13 19:18, Christoph Fritz wrote:
> This patch adds omap4 display controller support.

I haven't been following the discussions about this patch, so maybe
these have been covered:

OMAP2/3/4/5 all have very similar DSS. Why did you go for omap_4_-fb
driver, not omap-fb driver?

> +	bool "OMAP4 framebuffer driver"
> +	depends on ARCH_OMAP4
> +	help
> +	  Add support for the OMAP4 Display Controller.
> +	  DSI is unsupported, only DISPC parallel mode on LCD2
> +	  is supported.
> +

Also HDMI, RFBI and VENC seem to be unsupported. The DISPC parallel mode
you mention is MIPI DPI.

Supporting only the DPI output is "easy", do you have plans to support
the other outputs and external encoders used in many boards? That may
require a more generic approach, with multiple display "entities" in the
pipeline. Not that the first version should support that, but I just
wanted to mention it so that you don't design the driver in too
non-generic manner.


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