how to flash barebox and set root variable?

Adam Furmanczuk afurmanczuk at
Fri Jun 7 01:08:32 EDT 2013

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Hi Sascha,

thank you very much for your help.

> What board do you have? Is it one supported by barebox or do you
> have your own patches?

The board is a imx536 based [1]. The expansion board for this is self
made. We connect RX, TX, Ground to a OCD-Adapter [2] and are able to
communicate with barebox.

My Barebox version is: barebox 2012.03.0-00162-g3f84abc-dirty (Sep 24
2012 - 10:51:42) it was already flashed in nor when we recieved the board.

> What to do next depends on the environment you have. Please send
> the output of 'ls -l /env'.

The module is at my work place, I will post back on monday. I also
post you the config file, which at this stage is still diffucilt for
me to read.

> Using a more recent version of barebox probably is a good idea. We 
> gained a lot of interesting features in the last year.

Exactly, I have seen in 'make menuconfig' when building the latest image.

I try to write barebox.bin to my sd-card on host with:

cat barebox.bin > /dev/sdx

and report back to barebox reaction.




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