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EPIW 104 Firmware update 
  With our latest firmware update EPIW 104 models are capable of "voltage event-actions" operations. Your PingBrother device can be used as a 
  dual redundant power controller 
   In this example, if the power of the primary power supply fails, or drops below the administrator defined level, PingBrother switches to the backup power source. In case of using battery PS, the adjustable hysteresis value is a useful new function. In our example this means PingBrother switches to the secondary PS if the main battery is low, and switches back to the primary power source only if it is fully charged. Due to the short switching time continuous operation is ensured with most powered devices. 
  Order your sample now at sales at 
  EPIW 104 for 109 EUR 
  EPIW 104P for 135 EUR 
  For quantity based discount prices please see our product comparison table – USD / EUR 
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 PingBrother is 
  a 4 port industrial 10/100 passive POE ethernet switch and IP watchdog with built in web based GUI. It is an intelligent device, which watches a lot of qualities of its environment, such as input voltage, temperature, current consumption of the connected POE devices, operability of any network devices (ping, http availability), water leakage or condensation. It gives a user defined response, for example turns off /on or reset the power of the POE ethernet ports, controls any connected device by its relay contact, and/or sends an email. PingBrother can work on nearly any low voltage (8-56V DC or 9-42V AC), and can distribute its input power to any kind of connected standard or non standard POE devices (PD). PingBrother can manage other, non-IP devices through the relay contacts connected to the terminal blocks. 
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