[PATCH 1/3 for next] AM33xx: Cleanup of lowlevel code

Teresa Gamez t.gamez at phytec.de
Mon Aug 26 08:19:13 EDT 2013

Am 26.08.2013 08:49, schrieb Sascha Hauer:
> Hi Teresa,
> On Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 09:00:20AM +0200, Teresa Gámez wrote:
>> There is a lot of duplicate lowlevel code between the
>> am33xx boards. Move this code to am33xx_generic and
>> create structs for sdram settings.
> I'm mostly fine with this series. I made some small changes to it and
> rebased my beaglebone black series ontop of it. I'm about to repost the
> my series which includes your changed patches. It would be good if you
> could have a look.

Beside of the missing inlcude everything looks fine.



> Sascha

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