uImage doesn't boot

Vanhauwaert Wouter W.Vanhauwaert at TELEVIC.com
Wed Aug 21 08:30:17 EDT 2013


Before, I was working with Barebox 2013.05, which worked fine. Now I updated my sources to barebox 2013.07, but my kernel doesn't boot anymore. Barebox itself works as expected. When I do:
bootm -v /mnt/tftp/uImage
   Image Name:   Linux-
   Created:      2013-06-03  13:29:30 UTC
   OS:           Linux
   Architecture: ARM
   Type:         Kernel Image
   Compression:  uncompressed
   Data Size:    2834488 Bytes = 2.7 MiB
   Load Address: 70008000
   Entry Point:  70008000

Loading OS U-Boot uImage '/mnt/tftp/uImage'
OS image is at 0x70008000-0x702bc037
Passing control to ARM Linux uImage handler

Starting kernel at 0x70008000...
commandline: console=ttymxc4,115200   mtdparts=mxc_nand:3M(nand0.systemkernel),-(nand0.root);m25p0:384k(m25p0.barebox)ro,128k(m25p0.bareboxenv),3M(m25p0.recoverykernel)ro,512k(m25p0.storage)
arch_number: 3297

And that's it, it doesn't do anything after it. Althought this works with the previous barebox. What can cause this?


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