pedantry alert -- what is the proper spelling of "barebox"?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Fri Nov 16 06:01:10 EST 2012

  sascha already knows that i'm going to be poking around the wiki
documentation and doing some editing, so what is the proper spelling
of barebox, particularly in the middle of a sentence? i'm asking this
publicly so that others can see the answer in case they were going to
do any writing, for the sake of consistency.

  for example, in the very first section of the wiki, it's spelled
both as "barebox" and "Barebox".  it really should be consistent.


p.s.  just to be annoying, from a technical writing point of view, if
the proper name is "barebox", then it should be rendered that way,
even if it's the first word in a sentence, which will look weird but
them's the rules. :-)


Robert P. J. Day                                 Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA


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