TX53-8030 Memory Speed

Günter Gebhardt guenter.gebhardt at freenet.de
Thu Nov 15 01:59:22 EST 2012


we integrated KARO TX53-8030 support into our barebox 2012.07.0 some month 

We measured the performance of memcpy() and found that the throughput is only 
19MB/s. We expected it to be something like 10 times faster.

We saw that there is support for the TX-53 in general within the head of 

Within the file arch/arm/boards/karo-tx53/flash_header.c it 
is stated that it only supports TX53 1011 (i.e. 1GB RAM).

Do You have settings applicable to our device? 

What throughput do You expect from this device? 

Are there some things to be aware of?

Kind Regard,
Guenter Gebhadt
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