TX53: Not Bootable from next tree

Christian Kapeller christian.kapeller at cmotion.eu
Mon Nov 12 08:02:01 EST 2012


> In the meantime, could you try removing the call to
> imx53_init_lowlevel() and try booting 2nd stage (from U-Boot or
> redboot)?

2nd stage booting TX83-8030 from redboot works with and without call to
imx53_init_lowlevel (boards/karo-tx53/lowlevel.c)

I've also looked at the DCD sequence at the beginning of the redboot and
bb (CONFIG_PBL=y) binaries and saw, that what set's them appart is:

flash_header.entry RB: 0x8FFC0000
flash_header.entry BB: 0x71000000

flash_header.boot_data_size = 0x1fd87;
flash_header.boot_data_size = 0x40000;

Barebox has an additional DCD Item compared to redboot:

arch/arm/boards/karo-tx53/dcd-data-xx30.h line 15:
DCD_NAME_XX30[] = {
	DCD_ITEM(0x53fd4068, 0xffcc0fff),
	DCD_ITEM(0x53fd406c, 0x000fffc3),

The DCD_WR_CMD(0x21c) duplicates the the last entries of the
flash_header_section structure:

arch/arm/boards/karo-tx53/flash_header.h line 68:
	.dcd.command.tag	= DCD_COMMAND_WRITE_TAG,
#ifdef CONFIG_TX53_REV_1011
	.dcd.command.length	= cpu_to_be16(sizeof(struct imx_dcd_command) +
#elif defined(CONFIG_TX53_REV_XX30)
	.dcd.command.length	= cpu_to_be16(0x21c),

So the DCD_WR_CMD(0x21c) seems to be superfluous.

I've adjusted entry address, the boot_data_size, and removed the
DCD_WR_CMD entry, to match the flash header to that of redboot, and
flashed that. That didn't show any improvement.

Also here the situation is the same with and without imx53_init_lowlevel.


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