[PATCH v2 1/2] commands: change Y-Modem implementation

Antony Pavlov antonynpavlov at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 03:22:53 EST 2012

On 7 November 2012 00:50, Robert Jarzmik <robert.jarzmik at free.fr> wrote:
> Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD <plagnioj at jcrosoft.com> writes:
>> On 22:31 Mon 05 Nov     , Robert Jarzmik wrote:
>>> Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD <plagnioj at jcrosoft.com> writes:
>>> And how do you choose the alternative UART ? loady is not provided such a
>>> parameter in its new form.
>> by it's name cs1 as example
>>> Now if you want, I can add it. And if I add it, I'll add a timeout also to the
>>> xy_flush() function ...
>> yes please
>>> >> > can you put the v3 on a tree somewhere so I can pull it
>>> >> I'll try. I have no external git I can push to. If you have a hint ...
>>> > https://git.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/GitHosting
>>> Ah yes, ok. I'll send you the URL once I've amended the patches, along the
>>> patch mails.
>> personnaly for at91 we use github tks
> Here is my candidate for v3 :
>      git fetch git at github.com:rjarzmik/barebox.git xymodem
> If you could test the "loady -t cs1", as I don't happen to have multiple
> consoles ...
> And Antony, if you have a little bit of time, would you test it also, as that
> endianess bug drove me mad.

I just have tested your v3 patchset. It works fine on my little-endian
MIPS CPU, but it needs a small patch for correct work on the
big-endian one. You can find the patch in my next message.

I have fetched your v3 branch from your github repo. I'm sorry, but I
have no time to test it just now on my hardware. But I think where
will be no problems with squashing my patch into it.

Best regards,
  Antony Pavlov

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