[BUG: barebox-git] failure at common/block.c:248/block_put()!

Roberto Nibali rnibali at gmail.com
Tue May 29 15:57:38 EDT 2012


> Data Write Failed in PIO Mode.imx-esdhc at imx-esdhc0: timeout 2
> > imx-esdhc at imx-esdhc0: timeout 1
> > imx-esdhc at imx-esdhc0: timeout 1
> > imx-esdhc at imx-esdhc0: timeout 1
> > block_cache: blk->ops->read returned -110
> Ok, so your problem is inside the esdhc driver. Sorry, I don't know what
> quirks we may need here. Might be worth looking at the kernel or U-Boot
> to find out.

I don't know where this driver comes from, however I have been revising the
i.MX25 Chipset Errata and there are heaps of problems with regard to eSDHC.
I will try to address some of them (for example WML related) and see if
this fixes anything.

> > BUG: failure at common/block.c:249/block_put()!
> > BUG!
> Nevertheless we'll need a fix for this. I'll prepare a patch for this if
> noone else is faster ;)

Well, the BUG() is legit, I just seem to be the first to hit it. I am not
sure how you want to fix it, because if it's an issue with regard to
chipset errata, at least a warning has to be issues. Maybe BUG() is a bit
excessive ;).


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