[PATCH 3/9] Minimal S5PV210 + Tiny210 support (2nd stage only)

Alexey Galakhov agalakhov at gmail.com
Mon May 14 09:38:05 EDT 2012

Hi Juergen,

I mostly finished rebasing the patches according to your comments.

Now looks like that:

* Support most Samsung SoCs in S3C serial driver
* Fine split S3C arch dependencies from generic code
* Add support for Samsung S5P architecture (S5PV210)
* S5P boot header and image generator
* S5P lowlevel clock init
* S5P DRAM support
* Add FriendlyArm Tiny210 board (S5PV210)

Lowlevel clock and DRAM inits may be skipped for 2nd stage only
bootloader. iROM support is now part of board's lowlevel.c and has
nothing to do with mach-samsung.


On 14.05.2012 19:07, Juergen Beisert wrote:
> Hi Alexey,
> Alexey Galakhov wrote:
>>>> Using iROM to boot is generally a bad idea, but there's no alternative
>>>> right now.
>>> For you there might be no alternative right now. But for Barebox its all
>>> right if only a basic support for this new CPU is available.
>> Even if it's not bootable?
> At least it can act as a second stage bootloader (network boot for example). 
> This is also the stage at which my S3C6410 currently is.
>> Ok, there's better plan. Instead of adding iROM in a separate file, I'll
>> just call its magic address in board's lowlevel init. So this will be
>> for tiny210 only.
>>> Skip the iROM entirely in your patch series if you want to remove it
>>> later on. What sense would it make to include it and then remove it
>>> again?
>> It depends on what one means "remove again". This may happen after a
>> year or so. While I think I can implement NAND quite fast, I'm not so
>> optimistic about MMC.
> In this case MMC boot support just not exists. If it will work with an ugly 
> solution there is no more pressure to develop a correct solution for it...and 
> it will stay forever.
> Keep it in your repository if you need it for your work.
>>>> However, there's one bad thing: it's better to add at least one board to
>>>> Kconfig with the new arch.
>>> ?
>> If there are no BOARDINFO and board-y defined, barebox cannot be built.
>> So one cannot compile barebox with CONFIG_ARCH_something if there are no
>> boards utilizing it, right? How to test the compilation then? Is it Ok?
> But you can't first add the consumer of a new API (=board file) and after that 
> the API itself!
> jbe

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