make fails with barebox

FQ | Joan Carles Abelaira joancarles at
Fri Jun 8 10:12:12 EDT 2012


I was working with previous release of barebox, and now I happily got the 2012.06 release.
I managed to add my board to the menuconfig, apparently ok, then after a 'make' I get this complain:

arch/arm/cpu/built-in.o: In function `reset':
/home/develop/SID1/dev/dev_sources/barebox-2012.06.0/arch/arm/include/asm/system.h:70: undefined reference to `board_init_lowlevel'

Any clues about what's missing to not to suffer all weekend because of this?

Joan Carles Abelaira
R&D Engineer
FQ Ingeniería Electrónica, S.A.

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