[oselas] NOR boot support for barebox on the mini2440

Juergen Beisert jbe at pengutronix.de
Wed Jun 6 08:19:25 EDT 2012

Hi André,

André Lochotzke wrote:
> for a small student project I want to add support to barebox for booting
> from the NOR flash on the mini2440. I hope that it will not be too
> difficult since barebox can already boot from NOR on different boards.
> Did somebody already do some work to enable NOR boot on the mini2440?
> Do you have any suggestion of where I should start?
> There is already an u-boot version since 2010 [1] that supports it. The
> code can be found here [2].
> Are the u-boot and barebox NOR subsystems very different? How much time
> do you think would it take to get this done?

Should be more or less trivial. Setup the SDRAM controller, copy Barebox 
itself to the SDRAM and branch to it.

I didn't do that yet, because the NOR content is something like the "last 
resort" for a regular user to bring a bricked Mini2440 back to life.


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