Compressed barebox image support

Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD plagnioj at
Thu Jul 19 11:08:32 EDT 2012

On 10:12 Thu 19 Jul     , Sascha Hauer wrote:
> The following series allows to create a self extracting barebox image.
> This is done by linking barebox twice, once for the actual binary, but
> without lowlevel initstuff and once for the lowlevel init stuff, the
> decompressor and the compressed image.
> Using lzo compression the pcm038 image shrinks from 252k to 155k. The
> series has been tested on the pcm038 second stage, first stage NAND and
> first stage NOR and also on an i.MX53 LOCO board (also in thumb2 mode)
> Using compressed images currently adds to the boot time, at least on
> my slower arm9 systems. Using the MMU during decompression would help,
> but this currently isn't implemented.
> I think the preparation patches should be ready for merging. The last
> patch in this series adding compression support I am not that confident
> with. Currently I am not very happy with the Makefile changes which
> somehow look like bypassing the kbuild mechanism and handcrufting
> something that looks like kbuild. If someone has ideas how to improve
> this, let me know. Nevertheless I would be happy about Tested-by
> (and does-not-work-for) tags.
> Sascha
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Sascha Hauer (9):
>       lzo: Allow for static inlining
>       ARM lds: remove unused got
>       ARM: remove board linker script option
>       ARM: remove exception vectors from boards
>       ARM startup: calculate offset instead of runtime address
>       ARM ep93xx: Get rid of special handling in linker file
>       ARM boards: Use _text rather than TEXT_BASE
>       ARM: Separate assembler functions into their own section
>       Add compressed image support

can you push it on a git?

Best Regards,

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