[RFC] Inclusion of the Samsung S3C6410 SoC

Juergen Beisert jbe at pengutronix.de
Fri Jul 13 15:00:52 EDT 2012

This patch series tries to include the Samsung S3C6410 processor into Barebox.
This SoC is used on the popular FriendlyARM Mini6410 platform and an
implementation for this platfrom is part of this series. This series is WIP,
so please comment if the changes are ready for mainline or not.

Patches 1..3 prepare the current Samsung part of Barebox to simplify the
changes later on.
Patches 4..10 just change the Samsung UART driver to make it more generic for
all current Samsung SoCs.
Patches 11..17 add the new Samsung S3C6410 SoC support.
Patch 18 adds the Mini6410 platform to make use of all the previous changes.

At least these changes should be tested on the S5Pxx SoCs, as I'm not sure if
the UART driver still works for them.


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