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Fri Jul 13 05:35:39 EDT 2012

Hello everybody,

I am trying to learn and to play with the at91sam9263-ek (Rev. B) 

I was really successful building all parts (at91Bootstrap, Barebox, 
Linuximage) and when I upload all files via SAM-BA and I restart the 
device I get the prompt of barebox.

But nothing more
Everything is fine I can also switch on and off the on board leds but I 
cannot load/ start the kernel.

The addresses I use are:
         0x     0000 - 0x1 FFFF at91Bootstrap
         0x  2 0000 -  0x5 FFFF Barebox
         0x  6 0000 -  0x7 FFFF Bareboxenv
         0x  8 0000 -  47 FFFF kernel
         0x48 0000 -7c7 FFFF rootfs
     and rest is data ...

I have change the specific init.c file and boot file in the specific 
environment folder.
First I though the missing *.bb partitions can fix this problem. Then I 
modified the env/init file for that.  Apparently this placeholder "*" in 
this boot script (nand -a dev/nand0.* ) is not working correctly.
     addpart /dev/nand0 $nand_parts
     nand -a /dev/nand0.*

     nand -a dev/nand0.at91bootstrap
     nand -a dev/nand0.barebox
     nand -a dev/nand0.bareboxenv
     nand -a dev/nand0.kernel
     nand -a dev/nand0.rootfs

The second try was to change also this partition table in the specific 
init.c so that both match.
         devfs_add_partition("nand0", 0x00000, SZ_128K, 
DEVFS_PARTITION_FIXED, "at91bootstrap_raw");
         dev_add_bb_dev("at91bootstrap_raw", "at91bootstrap");
         devfs_add_partition("nand0", SZ_128K, SZ_256K, 
         dev_add_bb_dev("self_raw", "self0");
         devfs_add_partition("nand0", SZ_256K + SZ_128K, SZ_128K, 
         dev_add_bb_dev("env_raw", "env0");

But everything without success. It's a little bit strange because when I 
execute the command
     bootm -v /dev/
First I get the following output
         Barebox:/ bootm -v /dev/
             Image Name:     Linux-3.4.0
             OS:                      Linux
             Architecture:     ARM
             Type:                   Kernel Image
             Compression:    uncompressed
             Data Size:           2034784 Bytes = 1.9 MB
             Load Address:    20008000
             Entry Point:        20008000
         err -74
         loading os image failed with Out of memory

and if I try again the same command
         Barebox:/ bootm -v /dev/
         err -74
         Unknown OS filetype (try -f)

also if I try to memcpy or uimage I always get this err 74.

What is this Error 74 (-- Reset level 3)?
Why Out of memory?

Kind regards


Stutz Sven <stutzsven at <mailto:stutzsven at>>

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