imx35 NFC and jffs2

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Fri Jan 13 03:47:08 EST 2012

I am using jffs2 for my Linux root file system.

I am using the following command to create it:

$ mkfs.jffs2 -D ${ROOTFS_DEVICE_TABLE} -r ${ROOTFS_TMP} -o 
${DIR_TFTP}/${ROOTFS_IMG} -n -l -e 128

Then I am using the barebox shell to program this image to the NAND flash:

$ update_rootfs nand

The system get's booted now. All seems to be fine.
But after using the system for a while I get a lot of error messages 
originating from the jffs2 file system:

UnCorrectable RS-ECC Error   
UnCorrectable RS-ECC Error   
UnCorrectable RS-ECC Error   
UnCorrectable RS-ECC Error   
mtd->read(0x6f8 bytes from 0x760108) returned ECC error

This leads to a corrupted and unusable file system.

I executed all the tests provided by the Linux kernel mtd device driver 
with success.
Also nandtest from the MTD utils package runs with success.
Therefore I assume that the imx35 NFC device driver is working well.

Software Versions:

mkfs.jffs2 --version # revision 1.60
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